TLC LASIK Eye Centers

LASIK or Lasik eye surgery has become a household word since the procedure was first performed on a human eye back in 1989. Now with over fifteen million successful eye surgeries, LASIK is being considered even by those who are reluctant to go under the knife. TLC Laser Eye Centers surgeons are members of an affiliation that is designed to assure the highest standard of quality.

TLC Laser Eye Centers has dozens of service locations across the United States ready to improve vision impairment. Their surgeons are well-trained and their equipment is kept up-to-date with the latest technology. But one of biggest differences they offer is the Lifetime Commitment to make sure a patient’s vision is kept at the peak rather than just doing the surgery and letting them fend for themselves afterward. (more detail is covered below)

For those not familiar with this procedure, LASIK stands for Laser Assisted in SItu Keratomileusis. The entire procedure is over in fifteen minutes, and those with nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism are often glasses-free as a result.

TLC Lasik SurgeryIn LASIK, an ophthalmologist cuts a flap in the cornea and then a cool light excimer laser, guided by a computer, sculpts the cornea tissue to correct for the focal problem. The actual sculpting process only takes one minute. Experience has shown that when this sculpting is done into the stroma (supportive) tissue below the epithelial (outer) layer, healing is quicker and pain is minimal.

About 3,800 surgeons throughout America perform LASIK every year. If you are interested in pursuing LASIK surgery, choosing a doctor for this procedure is your most important first step. Some are more experienced than others. And, as in every profession, some are not qualified to be trusted with something as valuable as your eyesight. A doctor’s experience and track record are very important to learn.

Of course, no surgery is totally safe. Working on the eye in this way requires special training and equipment. For this reason, TLC was formed to assure perspective patients that they are in good hands. Those doctors affiliated with TLC must have regular screening and training and the latest equipment. The TLC website states, “The TLC staff must meet rigorous hiring guidelines, participate in continuing education and complete required certification and training.” About 700 eye specialists are members of the TLC constituency nationwide.

One big problem with cut-rate LASIK eye surgery is a lack of follow-up after the procedure. In contract, TLC members must agree to the TLC lifetime commitment. This involves sufficient follow-up after surgery to assure that the patient has no lingering or recurring complications. It also means that if at any time an enhancement is needed, the patient will be treated without additional charge.

Significantly, TLC claims that more than 4,000 doctors, including 2,000 eye doctors, have chosen TLC laser centers for their own eye surgery. The TLC website ( provides a search capability to find a TLC Laser Center surgeon nearest the interested inquirer. The search is based on the zip code.

LASIK surgery is not without problems. Besides recovery time, a small percent of people complain of various side effects following the surgery. The procedure is constantly being improved. It gives peace of mind to know that the doctor you choose is both qualified and equipped to do the best job possible. This is the purpose of TLC LASIK eye surgery.