Lasik Eye Surgery Cost

“What happened to you?” asked a colleague. “You look, you know, different.”

“I don’t wear glasses any longer.”

“How’d you manage that? You had Coke bottle bottoms before.”

“Simple; I had Lasik eye surgery.”

It’s true that thousands are experiencing remarkable improvement in their vision just 24 hours after having Lasik Eye Surgery. In fact, since 1995 an average of four million people annually have had Lasik eye surgery. And, amazing as it may seem, Lasik surgery cost is not as much as might be expected.

Origins of Lasik Eye Surgery

So who was Lasik and how did he invent eye surgery? Answer: Lasik eye surgery was not named after a person at all. LASIK is an acronym for Laser-Assisted in SItu Keratomileusis. In simple terms, a laser beam is focused on the cornea of the eye and it is reshaped to correct the vision problem.

Lasik Eye Surgery CostVision problems generally fall into one of three categories. If the eyeball is too long, light from distant objects focuses in front of the retina giving blurry vision. This is called myopia or nearsighted vision and is corrected with concave lenses. If the eyeball is too short, light has not yet focused when it reaches the retina. This is called hyperopia or farsighted vision. It is corrected with a convex lens so light will focus sooner. Astigmatism results when either the cornea or lens shape is distorted. This causes multiple images on the retina giving blurry vision at all distances.

Recent studies indicate that the cost of Lasik eye surgery has remained constant for several years. Count on paying between $1500 and $2000, depending on whether or not the procedure is guided by wavefront analysis. In each case, a laser produced flap is formed on the cornea through which the laser reshapes its interior wall. Many firms now offer one flat rate for each eye.

Low Cost Promotions of Lasik Surgery

A week ago I received an email promising a Lasik surgery cost of $200 an eye. This price will induce interested parties to contact them. Then they will probably be told that their correction requires a more expensive treatment. This price also typically does not include much or any follow-up. When you inquire, be sure to ask for a detailed estimate in writing and make sure other necessary follow-up is included. And don’t give the eye center a non-refundable deposit until you are sure this is the procedure and place you have chosen.

In addition, you should ask if preop testing is included. Usually low rates do not include it. However, proper screening can avoid serious problems.

The sluggish economy has influenced the price of Lasik eye surgery and kept it low. More people of late are settling for eyeglasses or contacts instead of investing in the more expensive surgery. In fact, lasik surgery costs have dropped slightly in the last two years.

If this price seems high for such a brief surgery, consider this. The cost includes such things as maintenance of the laser, royalty fees for the excimer laser to recoup costs of developing the machine, medical equipment, overhead at the surgery center, insurance, and the doctor’s fee.

Lasik eye surgery is a significant investment. Consider the benefits of being free of the hassle of maintaining glasses or contacts versus the out-of-pocket money needed to pay for it. It would be worth at least investigating this option.