Berkeley Eye Center

The Berkeley Eye Center and its affiliates are full service vision specialists in and around the Houston, Texas area. The first was started by Dr. Ralph Berkeley over fifty years ago. Today more than thirteen satellite clinics exist, including four laser eye centers and the Caplan Surgery Center that deals with outpatient cataract treatment.

Laser eye surgery is a lucrative business. It is quick and often costs as much as $3000 per eye. For this reason, many doctors are getting into the practice and, of course, some are not sufficiently experienced to be entrusted with something as precious as our eyes.

To protect against fraudulent cut-rate laser treatment mills, some laser eye centers are franchising. A good reputation is first earned by the parent clinic and then passed on to those who bear its name. The Berkeley Eye Center has earned a reputation for trust over its fifty years of existence and it will not willing relinquish this. Therefore they maintain the highest of standards for each of their campuses.

Berkeley Eye CenterOf course, when Berkeley Eye Center began, laser eye surgery did not exist. This fact underscores the need for eye centers to continually train their staff and to provide the best in modern equipment. This is all part of earning and maintaining a name of trust.

The parent clinic, the Berkeley Eye Center in downtown Houston, Texas, is a full service eye center. They are able to do LASIK surgery to correct for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or presbyopia. They are also licensed to handle cataract surgery (at the Caplan Surgery Center), to prescribe and fit a patient for glasses or contacts, to treat dry eye syndrome, glaucoma, and a variety of other eye problems. Their website states, “The goal for Berkeley Eye Center is to provide you with affordable, superior eye care and unparalleled customer service.”

If you live in the greater Houston area, there is probably a Berkeley Eye Center not far away.
Besides the Greenway Plaza center downtown, full eye centers are also located at Katy and The Woodlands, as well as to the south in Corpus Christi. Eye Care centers without laser capability are also located near Spring and in Clear Lake, Dayton, El Campo, Kingwood, Memorial City, Pearland, Huntsville, and Tomball. Each center is staffed by an experienced eye doctor who must meet the stringent requirements laid down by Dr. Berkeley and his other associates.

The Berkeley Eye Center website had an additional feature for those interested in understanding more detail about eye anatomy and how various eye problems are diagnosed and treated. This is a series of short videos that explain the function and malfunction of the human eye. If you are interested, go to their home page ( and click in the box containing the words “Advancing Education 3D-Eye Online.” Over forty of these fascinating videos are available here.