Laser Eye Surgery

When in 1917 Albert Einstein came up with the theory for laser light, he is reported to have said, “A new light has dawned upon me.” However, it was not until 1954 that Charles Townes and Arthur Schawlow first applied his theory in making the maser, the forerunner to the laser. Today it is difficult […] Read more »

Is Lasik Safe?

“Make no mistake; LASIK is surgery, and anyone who implies otherwise is not forthcoming.” These words from Dr. Terry Kim at Duke rightly warn that LASIK surgery is not risk free. After all, anytime someone is cutting into the body, risks are involved. This caution is even more important when the cutting involves the delicate […] Read more »

Eye Problems: Astigmatism

About one in three people have an eye condition called astigmatism. In most cases it is not serious and can be corrected. The name astigmatism comes from two Greek roots, a meaning not, and stigma meaning focus. The primary symptom of astigmatism is the lack of ability to focus on near or far objects. Most […] Read more »

Lasik Eye Exam

Many people neglect having an eye exam but this is not good. First, a person may have adjusted to vision problems that could be corrected with glasses or contacts. Those with glasses might need an adjustment in their lenses to make their vision more natural. But it is also true that serious eye problems can […] Read more »

Lasik Eye Surgery Cost

“What happened to you?” asked a colleague. “You look, you know, different.” “I don’t wear glasses any longer.” “How’d you manage that? You had Coke bottle bottoms before.” “Simple; I had Lasik eye surgery.” It’s true that thousands are experiencing remarkable improvement in their vision just 24 hours after having Lasik Eye Surgery. In fact, […] Read more »