Lasik Astigmatism

The name astigmatism comes from two Greek roots, a that means not, and stigma meaning focus. A person with astigmatism suffers from a lack of ability to focus on near or far objects because a part of the eye used to refract light is irregular. Astigmatism is not uncommon for it is found to some […] Read more »

LASIK Complications

Every surgery has risks and LASIK eye surgery is no exception. Many have elected to have LASIK eye surgery simply because Tiger Woods endorsed it. We will see why this is not a good reason. It is far too serious to proceed without awareness of the LASIK complications you might encounter. First, to keep things […] Read more »

Eye Surgery Options

Since the invention of the laser back in 1954, innovative applications have poured forth from nearly every branch of industry. In the surgical field, lasers have replaced invasive operations with in-office procedures. This is best seen in the field of laser eye surgery where a number of eye surgery options are available. For centuries, either […] Read more »

PRK Surgery

LASIK eye surgery is the best known of the laser treatments designed to correct common focal problems. However, PRK surgery is an alternative choice and has some advantages over LASIK. PRK is an acronym for Photorefractive keratectomy. To understand the difference between these two, we need a brief examination of LASIK eye surgery. LASIK surgery […] Read more »

Laser Eye Center

Most communities provide access to minor eye care such as an eye “physical.” These may include a regular check-up, looking for evidence of the presence of glaucoma or cataracts, dealing with eye focal problems or addressing symptoms of other problems. Some of these, like the Laser Eye Center with multiple locations in California, include laser […] Read more »

Berkeley Eye Center

The Berkeley Eye Center and its affiliates are full service vision specialists in and around the Houston, Texas area. The first was started by Dr. Ralph Berkeley over fifty years ago. Today more than thirteen satellite clinics exist, including four laser eye centers and the Caplan Surgery Center that deals with outpatient cataract treatment. Laser […] Read more »

TLC LASIK Eye Centers

LASIK or Lasik eye surgery has become a household word since the procedure was first performed on a human eye back in 1989. Now with over fifteen million successful eye surgeries, LASIK is being considered even by those who are reluctant to go under the knife. TLC Laser Eye Centers surgeons are members of an […] Read more »

LASEK vs. LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK eye surgery was not named after some famous founder but is rather an acronym to describe the procedure: Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis. The surgery involves cutting a flap .001 mm deep into the cornea of the eye and then pulling the flap of corneal tissue back. This cut is through the outer epithelial layer […] Read more »


LASIK eye surgery is surely the best known of the laser treatments to correct common focal problems. However, LASIK is not the only such treatment. Two other popular treatments are PRK (Photorefractive keratectomy) and LASEK (Laser-Assisted Sub-Epithelial Keratectomy or LASer Epithelial Keratomileusis). In this article we will compare PRK and LASIK. LASIK surgery involves cutting a […] Read more »